Maternity Photography

"Embrace your inner glow!"
Many pregnant women hesitate to book a pregnancy photoshoot, often fearing they may feel insecure or uncomfortable with posing. But fear not, I will guide you through the entire session, so you never feel left on your own.

The reason for choosing a pregnancy photoshoot is simple: Your pregnancy is unique, and watching your body change can be challenging. With me, you will discover your beauty and strength, creating lifelong memories that remind you of your own beauty and unique journey as a pregnant woman with the most beautiful, adventurous, and elegant images.

Experience a session ♥

When you take a look at the video on the right, I invite you behind the scenes, giving you a closer look at what a maternity photoshoot with me feels like. Here, you can experience the relaxed and cozy atmosphere that makes each session truly special.

I hope you can sense the peace and comfort that my clients experience during their outdoor maternity photoshoots. It's a wonderful way to understand how we together create beautiful memories and capture the magic surrounding your pregnancy. So, click on the video and let me take you on the journey behind the camera!

Booking to Final Images


If you feel we're a match, I'm ready to hear from you - where we can discuss your due date, when a session would make sense for you (I recommend 28-35 weeks), which package you desire, and the vibe you're looking for. From there, we'll find a date that aligns with the seasonal opportunities.


Booking can be done by sending me a message on Instagram, Facebook, or through my booking form (here) on my website. When booking, a non-refundable booking fee of 1000 DKK is required (this amount is deducted from the session price unless there is a cancellation).


Once the booking fee is transferred, we will delve deeper into the choice of location and dresses. In this regard, you will be guided in color combinations and location options that complement the season for your photos. Additionally, you will also receive my personal session guide to ensure you are fully prepared for your session.


Your Session
So, the day of your photoshoot has arrived, and you can believe that I'm excited! We'll meet at the agreed-upon location and have the coolest and most relaxed shoot. It's important to me that you feel comfortable and have a wonderful experience. You'll never be left on your own; I'll guide and support you throughout your session!


Personal gallery
After 3-4 weeks, you will receive your online personal selection gallery. In this gallery, you can view all the best edited photos from the day - it's from these that you choose the ones you want as part of your package. If you happen to fall in love with more than those, it's always possible to purchase additional ones.


Delivery & Print
Download activation and print ordering will be available! All print products will always be available for you to see during your session, so you know what you're ordering. Your luxury print can be collected from me after 4-6 weeks, where you can enjoy your beautiful pictures on the wall or as a lovely photo album (depending on your package!).

Exclusive Wardrobe

In connection with your exclusive photoshoot with me, you'll have access to my lavish wardrobe with over 50 enchanting dresses and matching accessories.
These beautiful dresses in various sizes, colors, styles, and designs are included in the price, and they will add an extraordinary elegance and enchanting atmosphere to your session. Thus, you can choose the perfect dress that suits your dream experience and creates unforgettable pictures.

No words can describe the feeling I drove home with after being so lucky to be in the company of Louise, who captured the experience of immortalizing my now quite large pregnant belly in the finest way. The tranquility surrounding it all, feeling safe, understood, and yes, beautiful from start to finish, are qualities that very few people can bring out in me. Thank you is an understatement! Simply put, the most exquisite, beautiful images have come out of it, and I will never regret having them taken 🙌🏽. Our little journey began in a place I never could have imagined could be used for this kind of photography. BUT I must say, I am deeply impressed with her work.


I have been fortunate enough to have my pregnant belly captured by Louise twice now. I can only recommend her, as she is truly talented. She is easy and pleasant to be around, so even if you've never stood in front of a camera before, you'll be well-guided. She is incredibly creative and has a knack for visualizing things, ensuring you get the best shots. Plus, she's a perfectionist, so you're guaranteed a great result. All in all, it's just a really pleasant and cozy experience, centered around one of the biggest events in your life - becoming a mother. So you can cherish the memories forever ❤️.

Vanessa Konstantin

A thousand, thousand THANKS for an absolutely fantastic shoot! ❤️ It was an amazing experience, and I felt safe and beautiful with Louise behind the camera every step of the way. I've never had pictures taken in this way before and was really nervous about it, but Louise took me under her wing and guided me all the way through. The result is that I have immortalized my belly with the MOST BEAUTIFUL photos 🥰. Louise is truly welcoming, professional, sweet, open, and incredibly talented! My partner and I couldn't be happier with the pictures 💖. HUGE recommendation from us! 💕

Cimone Holmstrøm